About Me

About Me: Dana Curran

Hi!  I'm Dana. 

Since you're here I suppose you probably want to know a little bit about me.

I'm 28, live in New York City, by way of the rest of the United States, starting in Ohio.

I've been taking pictures since I first got into the hobby while living in Alaska during the summers while working my way through college.

(I have a degree in Philosophy, if you're curious.)  I started out taking mostly pictures of landscapes up in Alaska, but when back in Columbus I got into photographing bands that I knew and liked.

I've got some great shots from The Fest down in Florida, Berea Fest from our very own Berea, OH, and DIT Fest in Kent.  I've kept shooting bands here in NY, and also moved on to dabbling in street and stage photography.

I lived in Washington State between Alaska, Ohio, and moving to New York.

While living in Seattle I managed a Boxing Gym, and took pictures of sparring and training. (Oh, yeah, and bands too. Sensing a theme here?)

So yeah, now I've been in NYC for two years, and am continuing to stretch and try new things.  

And this is where you can see the results!